Rough Cuts


Well some good news came my way on Thursday. A year or so ago I contacted a production company called The Comedy Unit (link below) who are based in Scotland and done some great TV including Rab C Nesbitt, in relation to my TV animation project Devil Makes Work in the hope that they would produce it. Turns out they dont deal with animation so declined on the project.

They did contact me near the back end of last year with a writing brief for a new comedy podcast called Rough Cuts for which they where looking for contributions. Rough Cuts is a great way for new performers and writers to have their work produced and made available. The brief was simple, write some funny stuff that can go onto a free downloadable pod cast. Bit of a challange for me, as never attempted to write for radio before, but thought it was a great opp for practice. I wrote around 6 sketches and sent em off. I am happy to say, that one of the sketches made it and will be produced and placed on the new podcast when it is recorded in the next couple of months.

This is great news for me as its the first step on the writing rung AND even better, it means I get my first official writing credit.

I will keep you all upated on the production of the pod cast and any news will be posted on the blog.

Comedy Unit:



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