Tagline and part Synopsis

Hi all

Just thought I would post the tagline for the 2 part drama script I have written called ‘A Weekend with Tim’ and some of the synopsis (wont be posting full synopsis, dont want me ideas robbed lol). The script is with my agent, and so should start doing the rounds from today, so fingers crossed something comes of it. I love the story and believe it to be something that production companies feel is in line with what is happening in the world today. Like everything else, any news, will let you know.

Tagline: A husband and father must suffer through his worst nightmare, by spending the weekend with the man who has kidnapped and left for dead, his wife and daughter, whose motives are yet to be revealed.
Part Synopsis:  A weekend with Tim is a two part, 45 minute contemporary drama and is a story that explores how two different men from two very different worlds deal with the situations they find themselves in. Although Malcolm’s was thrust upon him, these are two family men who are doing everything they can to help and get their families back. Malcolm fighting to maintain his emotions so he can save his family from certain death and Tim, a man who commits a crime in order to try and correct the mistakes of his life, and hopefully get his own family back. A weekend with Tim is played out against the back drop of the recession and how a man, a law biding man who has never broken the law previously, who looses his job, turns to crime in desperation, who turns to a terrible crime


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