Death Concept Art

Hi all

As mentioned in a previous post, we are working with a very VERY talented illustrator and animator who is coming up with some concept art for us for Devil Makes Work. We have recieved some initial sketch work already, they include, Satan, Stan (the main character whos life gets flipped upside down after he dies) Death and Lucy. I was very impressed with what he came up, he is currently working on more concept art for us so when we hit Cannes we have more stuff to pitch.

In the meantime I thought I would share one of his sketches. Now, this is of Death, exactly what I imagined my Death to look like. Also below is a short character pen portrait.

‘Death is not your average looking grim reaper. The only thing that makes him really stand out as the reaper is the scythe that he carries around. He looks like a middle aged man, grubby stubble, and just to shed the old image of Death being a bag of bones, he is overweight, think John Belushi in Animal House and you can get an idea. He dresses like a man who’s attitude is ‘I don’t really care’ and this is personified in the fact that he is always wearing sun glasses and has a particular fondness of smoking rolled up cigarettes filled with human ashes, he also wears ripped jeans and a t-shirt with the logo for the ‘Blue Oyster Cult’, his jacket is tweed. Contrary to his looks, he is a very vain person and thinks of himself the soul of any party and the centre of everything’.


Devil Makes Work and Characters are © David MilburnArtwork © Kenneth Anderson


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