Devil Makes Work

As I have said in a previous post (the one below in fact) I now have a client page over at Leo Media, which is great. One thing I noticed is that they have included the full character line up that was drawn up by the fantastic Kenneth Anderson over at Character Cube. So I now feel comfortable revealing the full line up here on my Blog, so below is the full character line up, including Stan, the series main protagonist!

from left to right: Satan, Stan, Death, Lucy, Mal and Max

Also, it has been revealed over at my Leo Media page, the star that we have lined up to play one of the voices. A person maybe not many of you will know by name, but will DEFO know by his distint voice. The person we have signed up to play the character of Satan, is Peter Dickson!

Peter Dickson, also known as Voiceover Man has contributed to a number of TV comercials but will be best know for voice over work on E4 and the X-Factor. I wrote the part of Satan with Peter in mind and was thrilled when he signed up to the show! I look forward to hearing what he can do for the character and cant wait to meet him in person!

I would recomend you check out Peters site, click here


2 responses to “Devil Makes Work

    • Hey thanks very much, will hopefully have more news regarding the state of the show soon.
      Have to say like your blog as well, looks like we both go to the same template designer 😉

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