Character Portraits: Lucy

Each day this week will reveal the character portraits for each of the main cast for Devil Makes Work, that way you get to know a little bit about them. We start with…


Lucy is Satan’s wife. She is beautiful, and funnily enough not a devil. She is a fallen angel dressed in a tight fitted black dress and knee high boots. Her hair is as red as the stones in Hell, her angelic wings are bright white. She is the reason why the billions of souls in Hell can add counts of lust onto their sinful records. To Satan however, she is just a pain in the ass. They have spent centuries together and Lucy knows how to play Satan, she can get what she wants. Lucy is not her full name by the way, oh no, her full name is Lucifer. She is the real ruler of Hell, the one and only dark lord. Her husband Satan, is more the general manager, the one who keeps Hell ticking over while Lucy has her fun. She is a fun loving free spirit with a mean streak. Think of a bitch popular girl type that you see in American college movies, OK, picture it, now give her a glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a BDSM loving attitude and your on your way to knowing what makes her tick.


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