Character Portraits: Satan


Satan is exactly how you would expect Satan to be. He is evil pure and simple and to show this, he has a goatee, as we all know a  goatee is the international sign for ‘there’s something fishy about this guy’. Satan, goatee aside, is a sharp looking demon. He wears only the best suits; his hair is slick back, his horns and hands sparkly with the finest jewellery. A bit like metro sexual Gordon Gecko from Wall Street only a little bit more evil. Of course, as with most men who dress this way, exuberating confidence and style. There is doubt and fears of the inability to do the job at hand. This is manifested in his relationship with his wife, Lucy,  the real boss of Hell as she has complete control over
Satan that not only undermines him, but really pisses him off. This anger and resentment is taken out on the souls in Hell, the people
still living and of course, the devils in his command.


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