Character Portraits: Mal


Mal is Stan’s supervisor in the Department for Soul Procurement, and is what people would call a jobs worth. He does everything by the book and is a stickler for the rules. In fact if the rules where bricks, Mal would be the mortar holding it all together, if the rules was cake, Mal would be the icing, I think you get the point. Mal is also grade conscious, he firmly believes that anyone below him is not worth treating like a normal person; he wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire kinda thing. Having said that, when it comes to anyone who is a higher grade than him, he becomes a different devil, a brown nose, someone who will do there all just to please. He is a cruel devil and takes great delight in making Stan’s working life as miserable as he can. He is always trying to undermine Stan in whatever way he can. Mal can always be seen walking around with his note book and pen, no prizes for guessing who the most common name in the book is. Mal is a very skinny devil whose eyes are covered by a pair of very thick glasses. Mal was inspired by the character Rimmer from Red Dwarf from the first two series.


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