Character Portraits: Max


Max is Stan’s roommate at apartment 666 Pitchfork Towers. Max’s job is different from Stan’s, Max is a bounty hunter. Max is assigned to tracking down any rogue demons that have either broken away from Hell to try and make it independent or who are trying to defect to live a life on Earth. Max is also responsible for recapturing escaped souls, the very few who manage to escape captivity and find their way back to Earth. You may know these escapees as poltergeists or the feeling you get as if someone is in the same room. To Max, they are his prey. Max does not look like other devils; he believes that he needs to blend in when on Earth for long periods. Unlike Stan and the Soul Procurement Officers, who appear human to other people, Max remains a devil in the plain of the living. His skin is still red, however, he has wild crazy black hair that hides his horns. He believes he can explain the red skin as too much time under a sun bed. Its unfortunate then that Max is completely psychotic, he often speaks to himself and to other people who are not there. His mood changes from intense anger to hippie love in a matter of seconds. He dresses in white suit but wears blue slippers. All in all he is one horseman short of an apocalypse. This is also reflected in the fact he has no pupils in his eyes, they are just white as snow.


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