Character Portraits: Stan


Stan is the main protagonist of Devil Makes Work. His life before his death didn’t really amount to much. He was stuck in a dead end sales job which he had no aptitude for, had very few friends and no real life to speak of. In life he was a good looking down to earth fella, not conventionally good looking, he was attractive although he never really knew how to show it. He opted for the ‘bed head’ look and could not really co-ordinate his clothes very well. Stan’s personality however remains the same in death as it was in life. He is a honest enough person, who may only lie when he feels it is necessary, or to save himself. He see’s the best in everyone and may even be classed as a little naïve. Stan is witty guy and often likes to try and pull out a few one liners, even if they are not always successfully received by the intended recipient. Confrontation is not one of Stan’s  strongest points, if he can avoid it he will. One fundamental thing about Stan is that he’s a bit unlucky, even when he has the best intentions at heart, something seems to go wrong, when he was alive they where of course minor inconveniences or annoyances, however now that he’s dead and working for the Satan, and peoples lives are at stake his unlucky streak cause mayhem. In death, Stan accepts a job as a Soul Procurement Officer working for Satan. His main job role is to buy the souls of the living to ensure they go to Hell rather than, as Mal would put it, ‘the hippies in the sky’. Stan becomes devil one accepting the job, his physical stature remains the same as do some of his features, like eyes, mouth etc. However, his skin becomes totally red and hisears are replaced by horns. Devil’s also have no genitalia so there is no need for any clothes, the only thing he wears are cuff’s, cufflink’s and collar with tie. Death becomes the making of Stan, the job that he has to do, the horrors and situations he encounters make him more confident and assertive, but this is a gradual progression that we will see over the course of the series


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