BBC Writers Room Alfred Bursary Award 2011

This is just a heads up. The BBC is running a competition called the Alfred Bursary Award. Its a chance for writers based in the North to get their work on BBC Radio 4. The competition is to create a feature drama that will be suitible for Radio 4’s Drama afternoon. The purpose is to encourage new writing talent based in teh North. The prize is a fantastic one, first of all you recieve a bursary of £5000, have your work comissioned and on BBC radio 4 and 12 month mentoring under a Radio Drama Producer and best of all, the opportunity to have future work developed.

This is a great oppoortunity to anyone wanting to break into writing, as its a common fact that most of todays great writers, started off doing Radio before they broke into TV. I myself will be entering this competition and I have spent all night coming up with my story, which I now have. The competitions closing date is 10am Thursday 15th September (2011) so get your entries in now. Below is a link to the website which contains all the details!

If you enter let me know!

BBC Writers Room Alfred Bursary Award 2011 website and entry details


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