Hello Stranger!!

Wow, hadn’t realised how long it had been since I was last on here. Sorry for the lack of updates just things have being going on at pace for me at the moment. I was made redundant from my job in April and was unemployed for 5 months, so that allowed me plenty of time to write and work on my projects, however I started a new 9-5 job in September and it has knocked the winds out of my sails as I have been exhausted every night and as a result, allowed the blog to go un updated. I hope to rectify that starting today!

Anyway, some updates on my projects, first TIM, it has gone through a rewrite after a meeting I had with a local film producer who really liked the first draft but felt it needed something more in the middle of the story, as I had taken it one direction he felt it didnt need. So that 2nd draft is back with him and he has been in touch to tell me that he is passing it onto a film director to have a read and offer some notes, but things are looking encouraging for TIM.

DEVIL MAKES WORK meanwhile, has stalled a little, we need model sheets before CVisual can do any animation work, so Kenneth who created our character sheets, is doing these, but again cause its freelance work we have to wait till he gets a spare moment to do them. Once they are done we can start moving on with that, so watch this space. Im hoping the promo will be completed anytime now, I will be contacting the animator to see if he can get that completed soon. As soon as that is done I will post it up!

Thats it for now.


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