First Ever vision of Stan!

Was going through some of my past art work that I have stored away on my home computer, and came across this sketch. Now, the story behind this was I was working for Jobcentre Plus at the time. I was not happy in my job role so I was contacting other companies about possible work opportunities and applying for jobs. I was on the phone (on hold typically) when I doodled the picture below. I think I was in the mind set that I had sold my soul to the government and I would be stuck working as a civil servant for the rest of my life. And low and behold that is how the concept for Devil Makes Work was created, I actually liked the picture so I coloured it in, and scanned it for prosperity, and I still have it. Amazing what you keep really isn’t it!

Untitled-1 copy

This was done waaaaay back in 2006!!! The birth of Stan Mathews and Devil Makes Work.



One response to “First Ever vision of Stan!

  1. Nice! Same feeling here Dave. I was with the government for 10 long years before I finally decided to change career in the private sector. Will share this in my closed group in Facebook?

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