New project pilot completed

Hey guys

Just thought I would share news that I have completed a pilot for a new project. I’m going to play this one a little bit closer to the chest that I have done with Devil Makes Work. As I have said before the main reason for this blog is to show the journey an average, 9-5 joe bloggs nobody like has taken to get his work HOPEFULLY produced into a fully fledged TV series, which is why I’m so open with DMW.

HOWEVER, this new project will remain secret. All I will say is that it is a comedy series of a subject matter that is very close to my heart. It is also a live action series as oppose to animation, and I have it in mind as a 6 part series, but NOT a sit-com. The pilot is with a number of people right now to be reviewed and I’m just waiting on feedback and notes. I will keep you updated as to its progress but its content shall remain a secret 😉

Dave M.


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