New Year, New Blog!

Yes, I know I have done this before, promised to keep the blog up to date and not done so. This time its different. Last year the blog was set up to show the progress that I make with trying to break into the film and TV industry as a writer. After a few early successes, such as getting a full promo trailer created and getting a few new leads in the industry, it has of course, proved very difficult. However, this year is going to be different, with it being January i have a new invigoration around me that means I am determined to do something this year to progress in my writing, no matter how big or small. Unfortunately this may mean that projects I have been pushing for the past few years are going to on a temporary hiatus untill I can get back to them.

Another thing that will be different from this blog, I am actually going to blog stuff!! Mainly because things move so slow in my endeavors to get any i have written produced, and the blog suffers for that, so I am going to blog more of my thoughts, complaints, funny shenanigans and general Milburness throughout the year, just to try to break things up a little bit and of course to try to help build the blog up a little more!

So expect to see a lot more posts soon!!



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