Dave Milburn

OK, lets start off with a little bit about me, physically I’m 30 years old, however mentally I think I’m still stuck in my teens. I have been interested in all things artistic since school, going on to do an art course, quickly followed by a BTEC National Diploma in Media Studies. The original dream was to get into animation, as an animator. That plan was quickly dashed in Art college when I realised that I infact could not draw for toff! I had a bit of an imagination and so decided to try my hand at writing which I liked an thought I was half decent at, so I did the BTEC course in the hope that it would help me gain more knowledge on aspect of writing and the industry itself. It did, which was nice. However, once I left college, I needed money and so got myself a job in an industry I have worked in now for 10 years. Employability. Working for Jobcentre Plus and ESG Sencia, helping people gain work and training. Its a good line of work and one I enjoy and will no doubt continue to do until I manage to break into writing.

So then, the point of this blog? Well, there isnt a real point, really, its just a place for me to share my experiences in trying to break into the writing game. A place where if people want to, they can see me progress from a normal, 9-5 kind of guy into, hopefully, a fully fledged screen writer. Thats the dream and at the moment, its still very much a pipe dream, but stranger things have happened in this world, like Russel Brand becoming a Hollywood star?!? All I can say, if you want to see my journey then stick around, keep checking back and we will take the journey together!


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