First Ever vision of Stan!

Was going through some of my past art work that I have stored away on my home computer, and came across this sketch. Now, the story behind this was I was working for Jobcentre Plus at the time. I was not happy in my job role so I was contacting other companies about possible work opportunities and applying for jobs. I was on the phone (on hold typically) when I doodled the picture below. I think I was in the mind set that I had sold my soul to the government and I would be stuck working as a civil servant for the rest of my life. And low and behold that is how the concept for Devil Makes Work was created, I actually liked the picture so I coloured it in, and scanned it for prosperity, and I still have it. Amazing what you keep really isn’t it!

Untitled-1 copy

This was done waaaaay back in 2006!!! The birth of Stan Mathews and Devil Makes Work.




Some interesting news. Another production company has shown interest in Devil Makes Work and we are in initial ‘chat’ phase at the moment. They seem to like the concept and the way DMW looks. An added bonus is they can help with pitching and financing as well as having an office in England. So fingers crossed this could be the break that DMW has been looking for. In the meantime I have been working on my new project and have almost completed the pilot scripts first draft.

Devil Makes Work Trailer is here!!

The trailer / Promo / Animatic has finally been completed and I can officially share it with you today! It looks amazing and I cant thank Ben Luce enough for creating it and putting the time and effort in to complete it. Check out his website in the link to the right!

The trailer is designed to be sent of to potential networks, producers and directors to show them what the show can look like and to get their attention and hopefully take the show on board. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments below!

A devil is coming….

Hey guys

Just offering a quick update on the state of Devil Makes Work.

The promo which is being created by the very talented Ben Luce is almost finished and hopefully I will be able to post it here before Christmas! From the W.I.P’s that have been coming my way, let me just say I have been blown away and cant wait to see the final thing.

We have some model sheets in the bag that we have sent over to CVisual who can start to animate some of the characters, so again, cannot wait to see that. Of course there are a few model sheets left to design which our concept artist Kenneth Anderson is still working on, and also we cannot animate without sound, so we will be looking to record voices and music soon as we can.

I will be posting more details again soon!!

Cheer Peeps!!


Im such a tease…

So we have a very talented animator called Ben Luce working on a promo for Devil Makes Work. The eventual thing will only be around 1 minute in length, but it will serve as an indication to potential production companies / networks of what the cartoon could look like. It’s a taster, similar to when you go to Asda and there are those stands where the staff member offers you samples of the latest in-house brands, smiling at you but all the while they are dying a little on the inside. WELL, below are two images from the as yet unfinished promo, I thought that I would share with you. I doubt that I will be posting the finished promo here, we will see about that, maybe if the show IS picked up by a company, then maybe I will post the promo that will no doubt have helped win us a contract. To see more of Ben’s work, visit his website which is

Stan in trouble

Stan in Trouble


The reaper of grim!