Hillsborough E-Petition

A petition has been created for the full government disclosure and publication of all documents, discussions and reports relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. *As requested by information commissioner Christopher Graham*

As this actually goes through the UK government, you must be a UK resident to sign it. Also remember to click the link that you receive in your e-mail or your name will not be added.

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Time for a Transfer…

Some people hate the end of the season, for many its the start of 3 football free months (with the exception of the odd international game or pre season match). It means that they have to start spending time with their wives or girlfriends and try to look interested when they start to talk crap about curtains and dish washers or whatever it is they rabbit on about. For me however, its different, I love the close season. Not because I’m one of the few that enjoy spending time with my partner, but because its the start of the transfer window. I love reading all about the latest transfer gossip, watching hours of Sky Sports News, watching the same reports over and over again, just waiting for that yellow scrolling bar that indicates breaking news!

And Sky Sports News has done it for me again, as they have just revealed that Liverpool FC have agreed a deal to sign Sunderlands Jordan Henderson for a fee believed to be around £20m. He has agreed terms and is having a mdeical tomorrow. I have to say I’m thrilled by what I have been reading in the papers with regards to transfer targets. King Kenny, in my opinion, is most certainly going the right way. He is looking to bring in young, British talent, British talent who will have that commitment and determination to do well at the club and win trophies, something that maybe foreign signings wouldnt have. They will have that grit, that doggedness and that physical aspect that almost all oversea signing wont have.The players from Spain, Brazil or Italy may bring that flair and skill to the Premierleague, but you need that British heart in a team if your going to challenge for the title, thats why Manchester United have done so well and I believe Kenny Dalglish has identfied this.


It can be shown in the other players that we are being linked with. Charlie Adam of Blackpool, who we tried to get in January, Connor Wickham of Ipswitch (hot prospect), Phil Jones of Blackburn, even Lee Catermole, another of Sunderlands players. Its nice to see that we are not just looking into European Football for our players, that we are looking closer to home. Kenny has already brought in the flair in Luis Suarez, and what a signing he has proved to be, we have already had a glimpse of an exciting partnership with Andy Carroll, which will only blossom next season when Carroll is fully fit and ready to go!

Liverpool are well on their way to achieving that elusive dream of winning the Premierleague trophy, but King Kenny os proving that he is most certainly the right man for the job by showing his commitment to bringing in young British talent, as well as giving the youngsters of Liverpools youth acadamy a chance in the first team (Kelly, Robinson, Spearing and Flannigan all proving themselves capible) it’s an exciting time to be a Liverpool fan and it’s been a long time since we have been able to say that!



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