New Year, New Blog!

Yes, I know I have done this before, promised to keep the blog up to date and not done so. This time its different. Last year the blog was set up to show the progress that I make with trying to break into the film and TV industry as a writer. After a few early successes, such as getting a full promo trailer created and getting a few new leads in the industry, it has of course, proved very difficult. However, this year is going to be different, with it being January i have a new invigoration around me that means I am determined to do something this year to progress in my writing, no matter how big or small. Unfortunately this may mean that projects I have been pushing for the past few years are going to on a temporary hiatus untill I can get back to them.

Another thing that will be different from this blog, I am actually going to blog stuff!! Mainly because things move so slow in my endeavors to get any i have written produced, and the blog suffers for that, so I am going to blog more of my thoughts, complaints, funny shenanigans and general Milburness throughout the year, just to try to break things up a little bit and of course to try to help build the blog up a little more!

So expect to see a lot more posts soon!!



How long?!


Really, I should be ashamed of myself. Cant believe its been 4 months since I last posted!! Please, if you see me in the street, feel free to give me a slap for being so lazy. All I can say is sorry. HOWEVER, all that has changed, I will be back to blogging as normal or at least once a week! I often rant on Facebook, which may be a reason why I am losing friends at an alarming rate! So I may use this blog to do that! I wont be doing that just yet mind, I will save that for later in the week. I will though, offer a quick update on some of my projects!

Devil Makes Work

There really hasn’t been any progress to talk about, the company that expressed an interest in doing the pilot animation are going through some changes so its unlikely they will be getting involved any time soon, plus, due to where they are based, we would have to record all the sound in the UK before sending it to the company who are overseas. This of course, is holding things up as well. I am hopeful of some progress soon.


I have not heard back from the production company that again expressed an interest in this script. I will be getting in touch at some point this week and see if we can work together.

Playing the Game

The script is still in the development stage and I got some very positive feedback to help me develop the screenplay from an industry producer. This is on the back-burner as…..


… I begin work on a new project. I will not be revealing anything about this. The initial hope for this blog was to show my progress from every day 9-5 working nobody to TV and Film writer, for this I am using the progress of the above scripts. This new project however is just for me, something that I will work on, develop and hopefully get produced. Of course if it is picked up by a network / producer then all will be revealed.


George v the Jack and Jill Trailer.

I had to share this! Adam Sandler has a new film coming out where he plays twins! It looks the worst film ever! I wouldnt mind, in Funny People he played a version of himself that resented staring in such films, yet he continues to do so in real life. Shame. However, some clever so and so on youtube came up with this beauty! He has intercut footage of George C Scott with the films trailer and it is without doubt one of the funniest things I have seen! See what you think.

and yes, that is Al Pacino.