Andy Whitfield RIP

Massive shock, really sad news!

17 July 1972 – 11 September 2011


George v the Jack and Jill Trailer.

I had to share this! Adam Sandler has a new film coming out where he plays twins! It looks the worst film ever! I wouldnt mind, in Funny People he played a version of himself that resented staring in such films, yet he continues to do so in real life. Shame. However, some clever so and so on youtube came up with this beauty! He has intercut footage of George C Scott with the films trailer and it is without doubt one of the funniest things I have seen! See what you think.

and yes, that is Al Pacino.

Bane Rises

Ok, only just stumbled across this. Its the first offical picture from the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises due out next year (of which i cannot wait!) The picture is one of the films main villians, its Tom Hardy as Bane. I must admit I was concerned when Bane was announced as the villan, but looking at the image below, I should never have doubted Mr. Nolan! I was also one of the ones who questioned Heath Ledger’s casting as the Joker, which we all know now as one of the best castings in history! Have a look at the pic, see what you think!