Dwarf Confirmation

As I said in a previous post, Red Dwarf will be coming back for a tenth series. I could not find links on the day of the post to show that I wasnt just blowing smoke up arses. Follow the two links below, one to the official Red Dwarf website, the other to Dave’s website (the channel that has commissioned the show) for conclusive confirmation!

Red Dwarf website New Series News

Dave’s Red Dwarf Statement


Boyz from the Dwarf are comin back!

Thats right, it has been announced offically that RED DWARF IS COMING BACK IN 2012!!

Red Dwarf was without doubt my favourite comedy series growing up, ok it lost its way a bit with series 7 and 8, and even more so with the latest Back to Earth specials, but its Red Dwarf, it will always have a place in my heart (growing up, up to series 6 i could quote every episode from start to finish and had EVERY book that there was lol) So it is with great joy that I heard the news that they are making a new 6 part series.

So yes, 6 x 40 minute shows! (30 mins in lengh and guess 10 for Dave’s adverts) and more than likley back in front of a live studio, which really let series 7 and 8 down. They will be filming from November 2011 through to Jan 2012 and will be broadcast sometime in September 2012. Now, it also looks that this will be classed as SERIES 10 and that the Back to Earth specials have been designated as series 9. It has been mentioned that we will learn what happened during the 9 year gap of Dwarf 8 to the specials (where Kochanski has died etc) and that maybe this series will have a proper story arc, a bit more involved than the ‘dwarfs been stolen’ story of series 6. All in all a lot to look forward to!

I hope you all can agree that this is great news and september is definatly worth noting in your diary for next year. If i hear any more news on the Dwarfers will post on the blog!

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