New project

As mentioned in my last post, I will be concentrating on new projects this year. The first one is the priority as it has already been in the hands of a producer who liked it, was very interested in making it if they could get the funds, however, it did need a little rewrite and the funds never materialised. I will be working on this again in the next couple of weeks and hopefully get it back into the hands of that producr as well as sending it out to film makers via my agent. All I will say for now its a feature film, a psycological thriller and its working title is Tim.

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I have mentioned Tim in the past, I wont go into details, all I will say it is about how two men from different backgrounds deal with the loss of their family and how events bring them together.


Been a while…

Hi all

Sorry I have not been on the blog for a while, didn’t realise how long it had been! Been quite busy of late, as some of you know I was made redundant in April so I have been looking for work and had a few interviews recently. I have also been recruited by Leo Media Group to help other people get their scripts made and I am currently working with two very talented people and have been busy getting their scripts into the hands of production companies. So fingers crossed for them. Also, some news to bring you regarding my own work!

Devil Makes Work…

Things are going very well for my animation series. We have an interested company who is willing to do the animation for the pilot, however they can only do the actual animation, the sound would have to be done separately by us and of course before the animation can start. So we are looking into the possible of getting some actors together, not necessarily Peter and the other cast member we have on board, but actors looking to break into the industry, I will post more details on this as and when. So as soon as we have some recordings done, it looks like the pilot will be getting made soon. We are still some months off, but its all very exciting. Before then, we should have a one and a half minute promo / trailer for the series, being made by a very talented animator based in America, I can wait to have this and should have it within the next few weeks so I be post that as soon as I have it.


My first feature lenght script has been sent out to a large number of producers and recently I was contacted by a local producer who expressed an interest in the film. I met with him over a week ago now, and it was a very encouraging meeting. There was no gaurentees as you expect, however he did say that there was aspects of the script that he really liked, and with a bit of a rewrite (which I’m doing now) he believes its something that he could work with. His company is only a small production house, but he will be working with another organisation that are looking to fund up to 6 films with this producer (dont want to reveal who the producer / company is just yet, only when I get something concrete) and he wants to put TIM forward as one of the films they want to produce (if the script is good enough after rewrite). So of course this is great news and another vindication that maybe I’m not that bad of a writer after all and may have some future in this industry. I should have the rewrite finished by tomorrow so the producer will have it by Tuesday and after that its again, fingers crossed.

I will keep you all updated with the above projects and any other projects of mine that make some progress.


Tagline and part Synopsis

Hi all

Just thought I would post the tagline for the 2 part drama script I have written called ‘A Weekend with Tim’ and some of the synopsis (wont be posting full synopsis, dont want me ideas robbed lol). The script is with my agent, and so should start doing the rounds from today, so fingers crossed something comes of it. I love the story and believe it to be something that production companies feel is in line with what is happening in the world today. Like everything else, any news, will let you know.

Tagline: A husband and father must suffer through his worst nightmare, by spending the weekend with the man who has kidnapped and left for dead, his wife and daughter, whose motives are yet to be revealed.
Part Synopsis:  A weekend with Tim is a two part, 45 minute contemporary drama and is a story that explores how two different men from two very different worlds deal with the situations they find themselves in. Although Malcolm’s was thrust upon him, these are two family men who are doing everything they can to help and get their families back. Malcolm fighting to maintain his emotions so he can save his family from certain death and Tim, a man who commits a crime in order to try and correct the mistakes of his life, and hopefully get his own family back. A weekend with Tim is played out against the back drop of the recession and how a man, a law biding man who has never broken the law previously, who looses his job, turns to crime in desperation, who turns to a terrible crime