David Milburn

Agent Information

Michele Grasso Biondi – Senior Production & Development Associate

The Leo Media & Entertainment Group, Tel: +44 (0)20 7183 3177, Fax: +44 (0)7006 057 893 Email:


I am 30 years old and live on Merseyside, born and raised in Liverpool. I have been writing for around 10 years in one capacity or another. I started off writing a weekly web comic that I created called ‘4.5.1 – The Funny Side of Football’ which took a satirical look at the weeks football news stories for which I also did the art work. 4.5.1 Was for a football based web forum called which is no longer online. I then created a new web comic, which I hosted myself called ‘Devil Makes Work…’ the story of a normal guy who is killed and then recruited by Satan to work a Soul Procurement Officer. ‘Devil Makes Work…’ evolved into an idea for a TV animation series that is still currently in development. I believe that I am still early in my writing career and I have written a number of scripts for TV that are now with my agent looking for a production company to take on board. I recently received my first writing credit with a comedy sketch being recorded for the Comedy Unit’s free podcast called Rough Cuts. I write in multiple genres from comedy to Drama and Science Fiction.

Official Memberships

  • Candidate member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

Writing Credits

2011 – Rough Cuts Comedy Podcast – The Comedy Unit

Comedy Sketch – The World isn’t Ready

The Comedy Unit, a well established comedy production company based in Scotland, contacted in the back end of 2010 looking for contributions to a new comedy podcast called Rough Cuts. I contributed a number of sketches but it was ‘The World isn’t ready’ that earned me my first writing credit.  Podcast available soon and on request.

Education & Qualifications

1999 – 2001  –  St Helens Community College

BTEC National Diploma in Media Studies – Distinction

1996 – 1998 – Roby Community College

GCSE’s – Art, Photography, English, 3D studies


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