Devil Makes Work Trailer is here!!

The trailer / Promo / Animatic has finally been completed and I can officially share it with you today! It looks amazing and I cant thank Ben Luce enough for creating it and putting the time and effort in to complete it. Check out his website in the link to the right!

The trailer is designed to be sent of to potential networks, producers and directors to show them what the show can look like and to get their attention and hopefully take the show on board. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments below!


A devil is coming….

Hey guys

Just offering a quick update on the state of Devil Makes Work.

The promo which is being created by the very talented Ben Luce is almost finished and hopefully I will be able to post it here before Christmas! From the W.I.P’s that have been coming my way, let me just say I have been blown away and cant wait to see the final thing.

We have some model sheets in the bag that we have sent over to CVisual who can start to animate some of the characters, so again, cannot wait to see that. Of course there are a few model sheets left to design which our concept artist Kenneth Anderson is still working on, and also we cannot animate without sound, so we will be looking to record voices and music soon as we can.

I will be posting more details again soon!!

Cheer Peeps!!



Posts are like buses, wait ages for one, then two come along at once!!

November is Movember month and I will be taking part this year! For those who dont know what Movember is, its basically an annual charity event to raise awareness of mens health issues and mainly prostate cancer. To raise money all you have to do is get sponsered to grow a moustache. So that is what I am doing. So please visit my Movember page and Donate!!!! Donate as much as you can spare. There will be regular updates and pictures to show my tache’s progress!

My Movember page can be found here

For more information on Movember, click here

Hello Stranger!!

Wow, hadn’t realised how long it had been since I was last on here. Sorry for the lack of updates just things have being going on at pace for me at the moment. I was made redundant from my job in April and was unemployed for 5 months, so that allowed me plenty of time to write and work on my projects, however I started a new 9-5 job in September and it has knocked the winds out of my sails as I have been exhausted every night and as a result, allowed the blog to go un updated. I hope to rectify that starting today!

Anyway, some updates on my projects, first TIM, it has gone through a rewrite after a meeting I had with a local film producer who really liked the first draft but felt it needed something more in the middle of the story, as I had taken it one direction he felt it didnt need. So that 2nd draft is back with him and he has been in touch to tell me that he is passing it onto a film director to have a read and offer some notes, but things are looking encouraging for TIM.

DEVIL MAKES WORK meanwhile, has stalled a little, we need model sheets before CVisual can do any animation work, so Kenneth who created our character sheets, is doing these, but again cause its freelance work we have to wait till he gets a spare moment to do them. Once they are done we can start moving on with that, so watch this space. Im hoping the promo will be completed anytime now, I will be contacting the animator to see if he can get that completed soon. As soon as that is done I will post it up!

Thats it for now.

Perfect 10.

A great new service has become available for free! The people over at have launched a script reading service called first 10 pages. As many wanna be screen writers know, the first ten pages are key when trying to get a producer or agent to fall in love with your script. Your film could live or die by those ten pages. So this service has been set up to help budding writers ensure that there script is well on its way to being the best it can be and hopefully produced.

All you do is upload the first ten pages of your latest screenplay to the site, then in approx 24/48 hours time they will post feedback for you on their forum. I have actually already used the service and think its fantastic, I recommend it, also any service designed to help you in your screen writing endeavours is surly a good thing.

you can find the site by clicking HERE